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The Core Secrets of the Prime Cure

August 31, 2012 by Donald Baker  
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I just received a copy of your recent publication, The Core Secrets of the Prime Cure. I have not had a chance to read it yet, but I must compliment you on its appearance. The pages are of heavier stock and the cover is stiffer giving more support to the backbone. The cover is a reddish brown or a shade of maroon with gold lettering. I cannot really say what the true color of cover is, but it enhances the gold lettering giving the book a rich bound in leather with gold leaf lettering appearance, worthy of the valuable information contained within; very nicely done.

Neothink, the new 21st century mentality; the new mentality giving rise to the TVP, the party that will make “Everyone Rich including the Poor” through its no initiatory force platform and protection only budget. This is really exciting stuff. When first introduced to the concept of no initiatory force I had a little difficulty envisioning what a world without initiatory force would look like. Initiatory force has a role in just about every aspect of our life starting in the home and moving outward through every facet of society. We even have guidelines that prescribe and approve the amount of force acceptable to ensure order and control in just about any given situation.

While reading the three heirloom packages I frequently found myself contemplating various scenarios that might play out in a Neothink world. The term ‘No Initiatory Force’ seems self explanatory, but appears to me to get a little cloudy in its application. Without a clear concise definition or within an identifiable context, there may be some confusion over what is considered initiatory force and what is considered acceptable discipline. There may also be confusion over where protection ends and where initiatory force begins. For example, “Okay, I have asked you politely for several days now to clean up your room and you have ignored me. Now I have had it. I have to leave right now, but when I come back I expect your room to be spotless. If it is dirty when I get back you are grounded for a week”. Another example might involve work. The boss tells you your performance has dropped way below expectations and if you cannot show improvement in the next two weeks we will have to let you go. Are these not examples of initiatory force or at least the threat of force?

Along similar lines when deregulation occurs what is to prevent companies from monopolizing and/or raising prices sky high? About 10 or 12 years ago a utility company in California exploited a loophole substantially raising rates which was devastating to residents and many small businesses in a neighboring State. If I recall correctly there were small business owners concerned about their electric bills that were upward nearing $3000. They worried that a few more bills like the last one would put them out of business. And, if I remember correctly there were businesses that did go under.

I guess I am not really looking for an answer because I believe I have a pretty good idea what they are but more to make a point that the Twelve Visions world is hardly a Utopian concept. Initially there will be numerous obstacles and challenges to overcome, the greatest being bringing the Twelve Visions world to fruition. And for those concerned, I do not believe we need to fear any punitive actions directed at us by either the Republicans or the Democrats. Unless I am reading more into what is there I believe both parties will be adding more and more ideas from the TVP platform to their list of campaign promises with the spin, they have always been advocates of the issue only they are being more realistic, more responsible and more concerned for the good of the people. Examples might be cutting taxes and eliminating entitlements which are good campaign issues, but I doubt there will be much follow-up after an election by either of the traditional parties. There will also be rhetoric involving wasting votes and even if elected without holding any House or Senate seats the TVP candidate would be ineffectual.

It will be interesting to see how things play out over the next few months. Regardless of what happens in this coming election I will continue to do whatever I can to support the TVP. For nearly 40 years I have watched hoping one of the party’s would step up and do something or show intent to do something for someone besides themselves. They have no plans goals other than getting their candidate elected. Thanks to your vision and hard work Mark the TVP has a well defined plan with achievable goals and objectives intended to ‘make everyone rich including the poor’. The TVP in conjunction with the Neothink Self-Leader training can provide something even greater and more profound than making everyone rich including the poor. It has the potential capability to change the face of humanity forever.

I think most of us have at one time or another had some exposure to the concept of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow believed that all human behavior was strongly influence by five fundamental types of needs. The most basic needs are physical needs predicated on food, clothing and shelter. Once satisfying the needs on one level you move the next level. As one moves up the ladder the needs become more abstract in nature until you reach the highest level which is self-actualization. At this level all needs are being met. Ones behavior is no longer a product of trying to satisfy a lower level need. What is generally left out of most discussions about the Hierarchy of Needs is that Maslow’s work revealed that only about 2% of the population ever reaches Self-Actualization. Most of vacillate back and forth among the lower needs.

Piaget, who life’s work was in the field of mental development, adds another piece to this integration puzzle. He identified two types of thought processes that people may engage during the developmental years. From childhood to some point in one’s life, not necessarily a factor of age, we learn to think in term of what Piaget call concrete thought operations. Concrete thought is characterize d by the ability to recognize relationships in the world around us; to sort and classify objects by similarity or difference. We learn to separate object by color, size, shape weight etc. and to perform more complex task using multiple criteria. The second type of thought process, Formal operational thought, is characterized by the ability to think in terms of using abstracts. Abstract thought processes include the ability to project, extrapolate, perform integrations and hypothesize. What is interesting here is Piaget determined, through his research, only 50% of the population ever develop the capability for Formal thought.

When I received the first Neothink Package I thought the material it contained was special but only recently have I begun realize just how special it is. I have not seen or heard a better definition of self-actualization than ‘to become the person you were meant to be living the life you were meant to live’.

You have reduced self-actualization down to its very essence. Through Neothink and your Self-Leader system you have given everyone the tools and methodology to become self-actualized. It is no longer left to chance or the luck of the draw. Your work has probably already started to skew the research findings of Maslow and Piaget. You may be on the verge of turning the significance of the Bell Curve, as we know it today, upside down.

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